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Google has numerous tools that are helping the business to perform tasks like advertisements, marketing, analysis, etc., without much hassle. Google has formed a platform to learn these tools thoroughly so that everyone can use these sources efficiently. Earlier, Google Academy for Ads or Analytics Academy offered free courses for that purpose. However, now it has changed to Google Skillshop, which we are going to explore further to understand its working.

What is Google Skillshop?

Google Skillshop is a platform where you can learn certain skills of using tools developed by Google, and if desired, can clear the exam attached to that syllabus and earn a validation through a certificate. The courses provided in the Skillshop are focused on tools that teach Google Ads, Google Analytics, and similar tools provided by Google.

These certifications ensure that you are proficient in operating Google’s application. It comprises the materials in the course that will drive you to the assessments given at the end of the courses.

The entire list of courses in the Google Skillshop are:

  • Google Ads: Learn how you can advertise your business on Google with the various courses included in Google Ads.
  • Google Marketing Platform: With the help of marketing platforms, you can define strategies for marketing of business and even execute and examine those strategies.
  • Analytics Academy: By learning the courses included in this category, you can learn the tools that help you gather and analyze business-related reports.
  • Google My Business: It comprises the courses that help to expertise the Google my business tool, which helps a business to reach their customers for free.
  • Google Ad Manager: Learning this tool will make it easier for any business to generate inventory and manage the ads on Google.
  • Google AdMob: This tool will help you to filter out the best quality ads on your business. It also helps in performing essential listings of the business
  • Authorize Buyers: After you go through this course, you will understand how to meet the client’s campaign requirements and categorize apt deals.
  • Waze: This will help you understand the fundamentals of your business with Waze Ads, to reach your business goals.

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How to access Google Skillshop?

The teaching medium is accessed to master Google’s application and understand their work. Learners have to create an account on Skillshop using the Gmail ID and can go through any of the courses available on the platform.

The certification exams are also free to attempt. One can attempt the exam multiple times without any limit. Students, entrepreneurs, trainees, employees, anyone can go through this certification course.

How to accomplish courses in Google Skillshop?

Each course in Google has different time limits. One can finish off the course at their convenience. There is no boundation to accomplish the course after they begin the course. After that, you can attempt an exam based on the course. The assessments allow 75 minutes to attempt all questions. To qualify for the exam, and 80% result or above is necessary. If you do not achieve the required result, after 24 hours, you can reattempt it.

The certification has no formal use in any place. It is to appraise your efforts in completing the course and having expertise in Google’s particular product.

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