Privacy policy

We respect the privacy of our clients and website visitors. You can visit our website and use our services without worrying about the privacy invasion from our side.

We keep the information of our clients and visitors private and do not use the information in any other form which does not meet the privacy norms. This policy hereby describes how we collect and where we use the information that we gather from the website visitors and clients. Please read the policy carefully to ensure no doubts are remaining around the same subject from your side.

What Type Of Information Do We Collect?

With the use of “cookies” to provide better browsing experience, we only collect the necessary information for the user movement tracking- i.e., referral URL, browser type and details, location, IP address, and more. But none of this information is neither used against you nor sold to others to protect the information and data we collected.

Where Do We Use This Information?

We intend to use the information collected hereby to serve customers and website visitors with the enhanced website browsing experience. Also, the details provided by our clients help us personalize their experience throughout to ensure excellent results are produced. Also, the browsing information collected from users helps us improve our services and website in every term.

If you are subscribing to any email and newsletter updates, you will receive the notification every time a new update is introduced, and it will straightly reach your registered mailbox. If, at any point, you wish to unsubscribe to updates, you are free to do so.

Social Media Support

To provide easier information access, we also offer support and answers through our social media accounts. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more). If you have any queries or you are seeking details of our products and services, you can always reach us from these mediums and the information we ask for and collect are to be used in your services solely.

We do not intend to use the collected private information otherwise and nor we encourage the incorrect use of any information collected by us from our clients previously or in the future. We will seek client consent before we decide to use the client information in any form possible.

Our Consent

As mentioned, we neither sell your private information, nor we intend to use it for any other purposes other than experience and service betterment.

But we can use the identifiable information of our clients without any explicit consent for:

  • If any legal dispute, court order, or processes permitted by law requires us to use the information, we may decide to use it.
  • If any illegal use of the solution is reported, any ongoing investigation or any legal consequences are caused because of the solution use of a client.
  • To enforce any legal rights, terms of services, and other legal exercises to protect our rights as a company.

Policy Adherence

We hereby declare that any visitor that visits our website can consider the security of their information collected by us as our responsibility. Elluminati adheres to their privacy policy and does their best to save the private information from harm.

Modification Of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to edit our privacy policy and every other policy at any time. Visitors and clients who have visited or are visiting and providing their information to us can consider the current privacy policy as the applicable one. Also, clients who are using our products or services are already considered as agreed entities to this policy.

If you have any problems, queries, or questions regarding our privacy or any other policy, you can contact us at [email protected]. You can also reach us using email, Skype, or call us on the given number.