How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Youtube? Youtube Advertising Guide

Youtube is the second-largest search engine of the world which is owned by Google so the advertising that is done on youtube is done through the Google AdWords network. The average cost of the youtube ads per view is $0.10 to $0.30, and the average cost of reaching 100,000 viewers on youtube is around $20.000. The views are counted on the basis of the overall youtube views generated by viewers after viewing the advertisement. Youtube advertisers mostly pay per views of the advertisement.

The cost really of an advertisement depends on many factors such as on the region, on the quality of the video, targeting, overall goal you’re trying to accomplish, and also on the type of video you want to post. The cost of youtube advertisement decreases relatively as per the views of 10 to 30 cents. When the user selects Trueview in-stream, bumper or video discovery for the advertisement it also affects the cost of the advertisement that you want to post on youtube.

Why Advertising on Youtube?

A marketing campaign is one of the important steps to get the success that helps you to combine your efforts across multiple channels for one cohesive campaign. Nowadays all sizes of business such as small, big, and medium-sized businesses are advertising on youtube to get the attraction of the people which can be proved as beneficial for the business and the number is going on increasing day by day. Roundabout billion users log in to the youtube every month and each person spends a minimum of 1 hour on youtube watching a different video as per their choice and convenience. Google’s AdWords for video system makes it so simple for all sizes of businesses to develop video campaigns for youtube. There are several benefits of advertising on youtube from which some are discussed below.

Reach the Targeted Audience

Youtube is the best marketing channel from all the available marketing channels and it has the best potential to reach the largest percentage of the population. Youtube has over 1 billion unique visits each month and over six billion hours of video is watched by the visitors every month. The overall reach of Youtube is certainly incredible, youtube also looks after that you are “reaching” the people in your target audience or not.

The advertisement on youtube can be done on precision targeting based on interests, demographics, location, viewing devices like tablet, laptop, cell phone, etc, and even time of day to ensure that the message gets in front of the right people that are targeted for the advertisement.

Utilization of Time

When compared to other social media channels youtube provides the best platform for their users, youtube users tend to spend a huge amount of time on this platform in watching the video, ads, and much more. Youtube provides the best opportunity for small businesses that are looking to grasp more attention of the people to their ads. Specifically, on mobile, the average session time of youtube reports is more than 40 minutes.

Effective Measures

Youtube advertising is more measurable in comparison to that of television advertising, it has a significant impact on customer purchases. The business entrepreneur can easily track the success of the videos digitally using clicks. The business owner can often use youtube’s analytics to measure, that when people often watched the video as well as when the viewer has dropped the video.

Helps to Grow the Network

Youtube Video advertisement helps to interact with the potential user in an authentic and meaningful way. You can grow a huge amount of network by creative video advertisement which will connect you with different people. By doing so you can motivate them to choose the product of your company as well as you can also motivate them to be one of the important parts of your company.

Creates Effective Interaction with the Viewers

Many consumers respond to youtube advertisements by directly using youtube’s comments section. For growing the business on the large scale the business entrepreneur must always welcome these comments which can gain more insight directly from consumers and to develop further interactions with the customer you can give response to their comments.

State Why? Users Demographics and Country Wise Data

The B2B video marketing benchmark report states that 71% of video marketing respondents agreed that video converts are better than any other content. Youtube has become famous for video watching in the same way as Google became popular for search years ago. For the last 13 years since youtube was launched in 2005 almost 1.8 Per every 1 minute, more than 300 hours of HD quality videos are being uploaded to youtube to contribute to the massive collection of 1,300,000,000 videos.

The first quarter report represents the ranking of countries with the largest youtube audiences worldwide. The measurement was carried out on the number of monthly active youtube users. According to the report the united states was first with over 167 million monthly active youtube users. Brazil was at second rank with close to 70 million youtube Mau. Russia has 47.4 million monthly active users. Youtube is divided into different categories based on gender, age, and much more.

Youtube was ranked first as on February 2017, it was the most popular mobile music and video application in the united states and the mobile audience reach 62 percent. A total of 68 percent of the U.S. population is using youtube to watch music videos or listen to music. The share increases to 91 percent among 12 to 24-year-olds.

Youtube has something for everyone and for every age of the users with over 300 hours of HD quality videos uploaded a minute. Youtube provides 51 different categories from which men spend almost 44 percent more time on the youtube site per every month.

YouTube has a very vast audience base.

According to comScore data youtube has reached almost 81.2 percent of Internet users in the U.S. and the number is going on increasing day by day. Unsurprisingly, youngster spends more amount of time on the Youtube site. As per one of the reports In December 2018, YouTube has 11% of users whose aged between 18 to 24 and almost 98.3 percent of U.S. Internet users are reported in this age bracket. The youngster of age 18 to 24 spent an average of 10 hours on the youtube site. Meanwhile, the youtube platform attracted 19.4 million visitors who were in the range of 65 and older, this group spent an average of 3 to 4 hours on the site using the video-streaming service.

How Much Youtube Ads Cost?

Youtube has 1.5 billion user base and it is going on increasing every second. Can you guess how many videos are watched on Youtube every day? Almost 5 billion videos are watched every day by different people of having different age groups, gender, personalities, and much more. The cost of the youtube ads depends upon the type of advertisement. Mainly there are 6 formats of advertising in youtube let’s discuss them.

Display Ads

Display ads appear right to the featuring video, above the video suggestions list. These ads are less popular compared to other ads because they do not encroach on the videos that people watch. Apart from this display ads can still generate positive results for your advertising campaign. These ads can act as an alternative to advertising on Google. Display ads formats cost less than 3 cents per view. For promoting the videos with the display ads you have to determine the phrases in your niche that people regularly search for. By doing so, your ads will appear as relevant to the searchers as other feature videos on YouTube.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are semi-transparent ads that appear on the lower 20% of your video they can be either image or text ads. These ads provide a great way to drive traffic to your own YouTube channel or website. For having the work done with these advertisements you need to create your YouTube channel, you must get the popular engaging with entertaining videos. You can also create a compelling welcome video to encourage people to stay on your channel. Naturally, by using overlay ads you can create overlay image ads that appear on anybody’s videos. You can gain the added value if anyone clicks and visit your channel.

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable video ads are the most common type of YouTube ads. These are the ads which are displayed before which a viewer can skip after 5 seconds. You only have to pay for those skippable videos if the viewers watch them for 30 seconds or more. So, you did not have any worries related to paying for all skippable ads, as people like to skip such kind of video as soon as they can. due to which the cost of skippable videos is always down. But of course, you cannot gain any benefit unless some people watch your ad, and then buy your product.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

Non-skippable video ads are those video ads that the viewers must compulsorily watch before they can view the main video. These ads continue for 15-20 seconds and the viewers cannot skip these ads. YouTube is now thinking to remove this type of ad format due to its unpopularity. The length of non-skippable ads is 15-20 seconds.

Sponsored Cards

Sponsored Cards provide content relevant to the video. For illustration, products are featured in the main video. The viewers can get all the basic information related to the products with the help of sponsored cards.

Bumper Ads

These type of ads are non-skippable videos of the length of up to 6 seconds which the viewer has to compulsory watch before visiting the main video. Bumper advertising is used by many businesses mostly when they want to deliver a short, memorable message to potential customers. These videos must be to the point as they are only 6 seconds or shorter. Bumper ads are charged by CPM(cost per thousand impressions). So you have to pay for bumper ads each time when your ad receives 1,000 impressions.

Campaign Types of Youtube?

Before launching a youtube marketing campaign, all the companies should first establish their target market, drive the most consumer action, they must determine what type of youtube marketing campaign will generate the highest level of audience engagement and must accomplish the campaign goals. For your first influencer marketing campaign let’s discuss some of the getting tips on optimizing, measuring, developing, and implementing.

How Does Youtube Tutorials Demonstrate and Guides the User

Youtube provides the best ways for many companies to reach millions of consumers. All the companies who want to reach their targeted audience can develop a helpful tutorial through which demonstration process can be carried out easily, and that that will provide the user value to a YouTuber’s subscribers and also to the global audiences. This type of YouTube marketing mostly serves to educate audiences and also helps in providing the solution to all the problem of the customers by guiding them in the right direction.

Vlog Style Marketing Campaigns

Vlog Style Marketing Campaigns is one of the most shareable, engaging, and relatable types of YouTube videos. This marketing campaign is for those top YouTubers who has the best documenting experience of creating an authentic dialogue with subscribers through vlogging. Vlog style marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to gain exposure to millions of followers.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

These marketing campaigns typically involve the integration of the company’s product or service with a creative video concept. Creative marketing campaigns often feature unique types of other YouTube marketing campaigns such as product placements, unboxing videos, tutorials, etc. This type of marketing campaign is likely to generate high levels of engagement in the form of comments, and social shares among a YouTuber’s subscribers and have a great chance of going viral by the sharing of the users.

Know How Youtube Ads Are Calculated?

All the companies spend a lot of sums on internet advertising, particularly on platforms like Google Adsense. According to Alexa the largest website of all is Google itself and the second-largest site is YouTube since April 2016. Google owns YouTube which doubles the importance of the youtube advertising platform.

Many tools are developed which allow you to calculate the estimated earnings from a Youtube Video or Youtube channel and the calculation is mostly based on the video view count, engagement and many other factors.

For the calculation of YouTube ads, the user must connect to Google AdSense by signing up to Google AdSense. Once the user signup they start their earning by video, and payment is processed every month. Once the user has an active account, they can link it to their YouTube channel by pressing the “Monetization” link in their Channel area, then clicking “AdSense Association.” Once the user confirms the AdSense login details, the setup gets complete. The Social Blade LLC formula to calculate the CPM range is $0.25 USD – $4.00 USD. Many factors come into consideration when calculating a CPM like a niche type of video, the price of specific ads, Adblock, the actual click rate, Quality of traffic, source country, and much more.

The Adsense revenue differs based on the CPM. It depends on how much an advertiser is paid for 1000 views of the ad. This number can be started from $0.10 to $10 and in some cases, it can cost even more but the most common range for the cost is from $0.25 to $4 and that is a default range for YouTube AdSense revenue calculations. If you have brief knowledge about the exact CPM on your videos, you can toggle CPM slider and can get more accurate data of the cost to be calculated.

How to set up the Budget on Youtube Marketing?

Developing the YouTube advertising budget can be mind-blowing. Let’s know some budget-setting basics which are very important for you to get the best return on investment (ROI) for the YouTube video ads. One of the most important reasons for the continuous growth of the YouTube advertising and Google AdWords system is the businesses with AdWords businesses that remained in control of their budgets and also marketing campaigns.

With the help of Google AdWords for the video, you can have total control of your budget. When you have just started with youtube advertising then you can start with the small YouTube advertising budget. You can set your business with a daily budget of three to five dollars. YouTube video ads are the best advertising strategy among other advertising strategy which will gain the best ROI available. You can set your monthly budget at any time you want after you get satisfactory returns.

Budget optimization is about using the best strategies for the business rather than simply spending more. Gain a complete understanding of the relationship between CPV and the quality of the views your video receives. After understanding all the strategies of the budget you need to experiment with your budget and you must use performance data to find out what is working. AdWords tools like Google Analytics and conversion tracking and can help you do that.

Select the Best Youtube Advertising Makers for Lower Cost Ads

Online advertising video has a huge base so 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube in every 60 seconds and the viewers are always very crazy to view all these video so the video viewing doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time. If you are thinking of advertising on youtube then the user can select the best youtube advertising makers who cost very low for making the ads. Although there is a lot more information available for getting the best ROI from YouTube ads, let’s discuss some of the steps which simply guide you about how to start building your YouTube presence.

Must Create a Google AdWords Account

The user must have a Google AdWords. If the user does not have a Google AdWords account then they must create the account and if they have the Google AdWords account then they must go to to create a new video ads campaign.

Link Google AdWords and YouTube

The user must make sure that YouTube and Google AdWords are linked together. The user can complete this step using the navigation menu by clicking on “Linked YouTube accounts”.


After linking YouTube and Google AdWords accounts together the user must move to the next step of setting. The user must complete the general setting by selecting the desired budget per day. It’s better for the user to start with the small budget at the starting and later the user can scale up when they get more familiar with the account and what good objectives are.

Set the Locations

The user can choose different countries, ZIP codes, IP addresses, regions, cities, and much more. It’s more specific for the user to choose the location for getting the better result.

Call to Action

YouTube Ads are a great advertising option for the business as all the people get a clear idea about the brands, services, products, and much more by watching the video ads. Visual things have a great effect on human minds so advertising through youtube advertising is the best opportunity for the business to gain customers. In our company, we do the advertisement for you using various media of advertising which will definitely benefit your business on the large scale.

Upload Video

The user can select the video that they upload to their account from YouTube. After completing the upload of the video the user has to wait for the viewers to view it.

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