Best Reporting Tools and Software For Marketers in 2022

repoting tools for marketer

The raw data, when accumulated and arranged in a specific manner, gives information that can be powerful. Having the correct information is like having a gem. Whichever industry we talk about, they all need to have analytics and reports of each activity involved in the business. Taking timely actions in this fast-paced world is really crucial. Proper analytics of all the information makes it possible to adopt the market changes quickly and move along with the trends. Without the analysis and accurate reporting tools, taking actions to improve is not possible.

Talking about marketers and advertising agencies generating analytics and reports becomes a core function in order to work appropriately. The analysis provides the key performance indicators, which tell whether the marketing and advertising efforts made are working or not. The modern market changes rapidly, and constantly grabbing the customer’s attention is tricky. Therefore, Having analysis and reporting software is a must as without them taking actions will not be cleared. If you are confused and searching for these kinds of tools, this article will give all the required information with some tips to choose the right one.

Perks Of Having Software And Reporting Tools

Before moving on, let’s look at what benefit a marketing and advertising business gets from these software and reporting tools. Especially for digital marketers that use multiple ways, managing them and tracking them becomes necessary.

  • The marketers and advertisers working get constructive and efficient as some of the functions get automated, and they can keep an eye on all the activities across all different channels.
  • Decisions will be taken on time due to the quick analysis of the inputs. The advertising firms need to quickly change according to the change in consumer preferences.
  • The results will be data-driven and not just on a conceptual basis. Based on the information and analysis, the marketer can also make risky decisions confidently.
  • Even the granule information will not be missed in the analysis, which shows a bigger and correct picture of the outcomes to take the decisions. It will indicate which strategies are working and which needs the change.
  • The functioning of the business will have a positive impact as the work gets systematic and organized. In addition, the return on investment will increase with greater lead generation.
  • Understanding consumer needs will be better, and decisions will be taken based on their choices and preferences. Catching the trends will be quick and easy, as marketers should constantly have customer-driven goals and plans. The image below shows India’s digital advertisements growth from 2016 to 2021.


Best Software and Reporting Tools For Marketers

For adequate and constructive analysis and reporting, the top must-have reporting tools are mentioned here.

1. Google Analytics

One of the well-known analytics tools from all the other providers due to its simplicity in use. All the data will be gathered at the same place to have its insights and compare them for better understanding. As a result, smarter decisions will be taken as the performance of the activities will be displayed in a more refined and straightforward way.

The offerings are Google’s unique insight, supports advertising and publisher products, integrations, 360 analytics, solution guides, reporting, and explorations. Managing the user account is also not too hectic. With its use, the target audience can be better understood to make favorable decisions.

2. Tableau

Tableau is a visually appealing analytics platform that solves all the data problems. The tool is appropriate for all types of organizations regardless of their size. It provides a solution that can be differentiated based on industry, department, and the technology used. It ensures up-to-date data and its management that can be trusted by everyone.

The features it offers are data management, self-service analytics, virtual connections, managing customers’ churn, strategy predictions, collaboration and sharing of the data, and powerful data visualization. Tableau will control and govern the data effectively to give real-time analytics and take over all the possibilities.


With Moz Pro, the advertising and marketing agencies can quickly and effortlessly monitor search engine optimization(SEO). After applying the ad campaigns and other marketing tactics, their result is to be observed and recorded for further decision making. The automation will schedule all the procedures that will add value to the outputs coming.

By using it, the agencies can do competitors’ exploration and analysis with optimizing the SEO with high-quality data metrics, actionable insights, domain and page authority, identification, and solving of website errors. Its use will even streamline multiple product management. Additionally, you can connect with the industry people with Moz Community.

4. Semrush

Semrush is one of the comprehensive tools for marketers to manage the multiple activities they hold. Digital marketing and advertising can have various challenges in today’s scenario, and to solve them, Semrush has more than 50 reporting tools. The tracking of the consumers’ insights and studying competitors’ actions and strategies of the niche can be done together.

It enables researching of keywords, local and on-page SEO, daily rank tracking, monetization of website, analysis of content marketing with social media management. The tool is greatly helpful for advertising as it will bring all the required analysis in one place. Furthermore, link building and paid advertising can also be performed.

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg helps in making data-driven decisions with visual reports and recordings. This tool can also be used for website optimization and to build trust and retain customers. The setup is simple and integrable with the other common service providers. Teams can collaboratively work as numerous members can be added for free.

Based on clicks of the visitors, the tool gives an analysis, qualitative and observed analysis, referral traffic, audience demographics, and identifying issues. For making the customers’ website experience better and understanding their journey, marketers can use them.

6. Epom

Epom ad server provides robust and secure ad tech technology for advertisers, publishers, and ad & affiliate networks. Clients include IronSource, Taptica, Classtag, Kromtech, LG Electronics and many more.

It is an all-in-one solution for cross-channel advertising that allows users to run scalable ad campaigns enhanced with auto-optimization, advanced capping, and granular analytics. The latter includes 40+ various metrics, 10+ filters, and integration with 3rd-party services.

7. HubSpot

Hubspot is an all-in-one and easy-to-use marketing software. The marketing hub will accumulate all the data at a single point and arrange them to get the best possible information. Along with this, HubSpot also provides online software for handling sales, operations, and content management. It offers multiple pricing plans which can be chosen according to the need.

The capabilities of the software are ad tracking, visitor attraction with blogs, social media management, search engine optimization, live chat features, and videos. Marketers can also go with using the content management system for dynamic content, editing, and flexible themes. It can be time-saving software for personalized experience grabbing the correct target audience.

8. Facebook Insights

The tool is to get all the real insights into the target market. Using Facebook for marketing purposes and advertising is preferred by many businesses. But often, they ignore making the analysis of the efforts they made, due to which they do not reach the desired results.

With Facebook insights, marketers will get the aggregated information of the accounts engaged on their page, demographic views of the viewers’ genders, age, and areas. This makes you define your target audience, and better know their interests for offering them accordingly.

9. Twitter Analytics

Many agencies that use Twitter to fulfill different purposes also should know the status and effects of their account on the business and its audience. The Twitter analytics dashboard displays all the activities and analytics of a particular account. Just making tweets will not make any remarkable impact. The account needs to grow and engage the audience.

By implementing the analytic tool, agencies can explore and recognize the followers better and provide guides to make successful tweets. The two ways for getting the Twitter analytics are by either using the Twitter cards or becoming an advertiser. Twitter says that 56% of the audience is most likely to buy the new products; therefore, analyzing it becomes necessary.

10. Alexa Site Rank

Alexa Site Rank is a tool to know your website’s ranking on google. It is a global ranking system where the end number of sites is ranked according to the visitors’ ratio and the pageviews. Advertisers continually want to rank first to expand the customer base and increase popularity. Therefore, analysis of the position is vital to see whether it is reaching the targeted market or not.

With its use, you will get to know the traffic estimation of your business and the other players in the market. When websites have a good ranking, Alexa rank allows them to ask more for the advertising space.

11. Typeform

Typeform is a tool for creating engaging survey forms, interactive videos, and low-code chatbots. To know the choice and preferences of the audience, marketers often conduct surveys, and if those forms are not exciting and engaging, people will never fill them.

The tool will help build creative forms with custom layouts and themes, sharing and launching them, and in-depth reports and analysis of the responses and their completion rate. The reports can be synced with google sheets and many other commonly used apps.

12. Rocketium

Rocketium is an AI creative management platform that lets you create a personalized banner and video ads, publish them across different channels, and provide consolidated advertising analytics across those channels.

It’s an all-in-one platform to plan, create, publish, and analyze personalized visual campaigns. What’s more? Its creative intelligence and evaluation capability provides valuable insights from past campaigns, and the platform’s goldmine of high-performance creatives to provide valuable suggestions to improve future campaigns.

13. Syften

Syften will notify you when someone talks about your product. This will allow your team to be the first ones to answer questions or clear up any confusion people might have. And if someone is unhappy with the competition, you can jump in and recommend your product.

It supports the biggest online communities, such as Reddit, Hacker News, Twitter, Stack Exchange, and more.

Things To Remember For Choosing The Right Reporting Tool

The market is flooded with an end number of reporting tools but choosing the right one makes the difference. New social media marketers and advertisers may be confused about which software or tools they should use and which are more appropriate. Here are some of the things to remember while selecting the right tool:

  • Define your needs do the user themselves need a clear idea of why they want the tool? What is the purpose? And what difference it will bring.
  • Look at multiple options- after the need is cleared, look at all the tools that fulfill the requirement and are as per your criteria. Afterward, go ahead selecting the one that gives the maximum benefit according to your requirements.
  • Demos and free trials- many providers give options for free trials, initially always prefer it. By referring to the features, the tool may seem the best one, but the real experience will only come when you use it.
  • Setting a budget boundary- more advanced reporting software are not always available free of cost. A budget estimation for the spending on these kinds of tools will keep aware of the company’s future expenses.

Wrapping It Up

To succeed in marketing and advertising, having analytics and reporting tools are a prime need. The tools will track and measure various activities, which will show a logical and comparable report. The article mentioned some of the perks of having the reporting software and suggested the best along with some tips to choose the most suitable one. So, All the best, have the best analysis tool, and just watch your business grow.

By Elvis Tapfumanei

Elvis Tapfumanei is a well-rounded content marketer and SEO analyst at Selfcraft Media. His experience in digital marketing techniques and cutting-edge technologies led him to help entrepreneurs to achieve positive and profitable results for their businesses through effective content strategies.