Instagram Hashtags – 10 Ways to Incentivize for Better Marketing

Businesses these days need to adopt powerful techniques to market their business to leverage competitive advantages. Many enterprises have recognized the significance of social media marketing. There are distinct opportunities that you might grab for your enterprise on Instagram. Explore ten practical ways to incentivize your hashtags on Instagram for better marketing.

They use various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and many others to advertise. You might be having your enterprise presence on social platforms.

However, you can also leverage Instagram growth services to make the most out of Instagram marketing but here we will focus on hashtags.

The platform is full of influencers these days and why not work really hard on an Instagram post and story ideas to entertain people and keep them hooked. But are you mindful of the usefulness of hashtags? Did you know how advantageous hashtags are?. If not, then it’s time for you to know everything about the concept right here.

Instagram Hashtags: Know Which One to Use to Increase Customers Engagement

Instagram has put hashtags on the picture; it has gained massive popularity among users significantly less time. It has provided an opportunity for the marketer and manufacturers to reach more audiences worldwide. But if they don’t know the correct use of hashtags to grab the desired outcome, then using them can prove to be entirely useless for them.

Hashtags better your post and other things to be classified and noticed by users. Not only that, it can prove to be the most potent method to extend your ability, create brand awareness, get followers, and boost customer engagement. If you aim to relinquish a vast user base worldwide, you need to enhance your approach.

According to research, posts with one hashtag receive 70% likes, whereas 392% more remarks than those without hashtags.

Businesses always need to pay more exposure to the upbringing of their brand; they need to put extra effort as paid impressions are continually rising with a variation in the algorithm. And hashtags can prove to be the most reliable method to magnify your digital marketing campaign. Any enterprise or even you can use hashtags to boost your appearance and win the trust of a broader audience.

If you have the basics of hashtags, you can easily create compelling strategies; it can include proven advice to utilize hashtags for your company, correlating you with your ideal consumers. For instance, if you’re dealing in the mobile app development sector, you can use hashtags associated with app development. These hashtags will help you to enhance your brand reach and also help you to improve your engagement standard.

Instagram hashtags hack into your social approach and will improve your visibility in front of your customers. There are numerous hashtags that you can consider when it comes to implementing a better marketing strategy.

Story Tags

You can mention usernames in your story using the hashtags; these names will appear with an underline. Anyone who visits your post can tap on the name to explore their profile. A username mentioned in the story practicing the hashtag will perceive the push notification so that they can know what you have mentioned in your recent story.

Instagram facilitates you to add ten usernames as hashtags in every picture or video. If you mention multiple people, they will view your story and suggest that their friends and family view the same; they can even share referrals with others; this will indirectly increase your visibility.

Feed Tags

You can encourage all the targeted customers to use the brand hashtag through the feed hashtag; use it while posting a video or photographs on social media to enjoy the better result for a corporation. You can even use this # to discover the images from your enterprise app to show them in your shoppable gallery; the visitors can explore these images before making a purchase decision.

Video Tags

Recently Instagram was acquired by Facebook and has introduced a new feature for the users. Users can post and share videos on this influential platform; it allows you to record a 15-seconds mini video. You can create and share the video to boost awareness about your business product or service, but sharing the video is not; you also have to make sure that you affix relevant hashtags. Infinite hashtags can be practiced while sharing the video.

instagram hashtag with video word

Ask Tags

You can further append tags to an earlier bestowed post you added, correct captions, and try to append the hashtag on a shared photograph or video. You can prefer to add an ask tag if a post is similar to it. Once you place a tag with the equivalent tag, you can search pages showing shame pictures and videos that others have shared with the corresponding #.

Comment Tags

Instagram facilitates users to post content with around 30 hashtags in the caption. You can easily place up to 30 tags in the criticism. They can practice as many hashtags as they need by using multiple comments. You can edit a subtitle with tags as per your convenience and even add or remove the same.

Image Tags

You can add tags to posted pictures, and don’t forget to sare tags representing your memories dramatically; adding a tag to the posted photos can prove to be a more productive approach to improving your company reach. If any other person posts the same image with similar hashtags, then there are specific changes that can get more visibility from their page too.

DM Tags

DM tags stand for direct messaging tags. Click on the top right of Feed to explore messages that you sent on the social platform directly. You can also manage the messages you have received or sent to other users when you share any photographs or videos. If you add the DM tags, most users can view your shared images; they can mainly be viewed by those who have previously viewed some of your shared photographs and videos. There are several techniques to use DM tags.

For example, if you share content from a personal account to your users as a message, then that individual who follows your account can only view the image you shared. And those videos and images which you share on Instagram directly can’t be shared through other sites like Twitter or Facebook. They won’t appear on the location pages, but you can make them visible by using appropriate hashtags.

Friend Tags

One popular hashtag that most Instagram users practice is the friend tag. The effectiveness of this tag can prove to be more beneficial for your company as others mostly use it. You can also use this tag to enhance your marketing with the brand.

If they click on a similar tag, there are specific changes that any visitors will be redirected to your content, which is having a friend hashtag. There are numerous ways to use the #friend tag in your post; find a powerful technique to drive more viewers towards your enterprise.

instagram hashtag with friend word

Follow Tags

Nowadays, Instagram has come up with practical approaches to communicate with tags. If you want to “follow” popular hashtags on Instagram, you can easily follow them. Brands are collecting media under the broad umbrella, making it straightforward for you to be visible and convey them to become loyal to the company. You get a variety of “follow” tags from which you can choose the one that is more beneficial for your brand.

Profile Tags

You can append profile tags to your content, photograph, or video. With the help of profile tags, users can easily search and understand the related page; even they can explore related content in the “search feed.” Thus if you aim to drive traffic to your shared content, then it will be advisable for you to add related profile tags in your recent and another post.

Wrapping It Up

The list of tags doesn’t end here; many more can enhance your Instagram marketing approach. These tags can prove a boon for the enterprises as it helps them drive more traffic to their business. Thus, every business aiming to go some extra miles in its field needs to create its presence on social media such as Instagram.

They have to learn how to use Instagram hashtags to drive more traffic to the business; if you fail to use hashtags on Instagram content, you cannot get the desired success in your enterprise. On the other hand, you can get more visibility by using the correct tags when seeking keywords or tags associated with your company. Thus utilize tags carefully and also make sure that you don’t use them excessively.

By Elvis Tapfumanei

Elvis Tapfumanei is a well-rounded content marketer and SEO analyst at Selfcraft Media. His experience in digital marketing techniques and cutting-edge technologies led him to help entrepreneurs to achieve positive and profitable results for their businesses through effective content strategies.