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In this era of online shopping, many e-commerce giants and startups are fighting till they drop to gain more customers than others. Therefore, to stay in the race and compete aggressively, you need to reach your target audience as early as possible. With the powerful medium of the internet at your side, you can start advertising online and ranking yourself at the top in search engine results when users search for you. Therefore, displaying your shopping ads in front of them is necessary and the main purpose behind Ecommerce PPC management campaigns.


Being an effective part of digital marketing, Pay-per-Click advertisements are efficient at bringing more traffic to your website. Therefore, using shopping ads and ranking these advertisements in top results you can attract more customers to your website and with impressive layout and policies of yours, the viewers are turned into your customers. However, to rank higher and create an innovative advertisement you need the support of experts and an experienced team by your side who can work for you and are always ready to go beyond limits to make you successful.


We Make Use Of Every Well-Known And Efficient Platform To Design Creative Shopping Ads For You As Ecommerce PPC Management Consultant.

Google Shopping Ads

According to a survey, nearly 46% of people start off searching for a product on search engines like Google. Therefore, Google has introduced a concept of displaying shopping ads on top when any user searches for a product. The number of clicks on ads from Google has been increasing by 170% per year, therefore many sellers have found their solution to attract more users in showcasing their advertisement on Google.

Amazon Shopping Ads

To easily promote your brand on Amazon, you can make use of Amazon ad platform where you bid your selling price for a product and Amazon decides to display it among all at the top. Being the largest Ecommerce platform, Amazon can promote your brand easily with its different options of showing display ads, shopping ads and many more to users. Therefore, It is a wise choice to make your appearance on Amazon.

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Our Expert Services in Ecommerce PPC Management Includes an All-Rounder Approach.

Paid Search Management

To help you reach your target audience easily, we defend you from your competitors’ strategies and let you make to the top with our effective marketing strategies designed by our experts.

Attractive Landing Pages

Designing killer ads is not enough. Therefore, we create attractive and subject-oriented landing pages for your website to convert your traffic into leads in a snap!

Social Media Campaigns

Attracting customers from social media is an essential step. Making your website famous on most popular platforms is easy for us by posting creative content about your products regularly.

Shopping Ads

Answer the most obvious questions arising when shopping online with an effective advertisement. Display the price and stock information and attractive image all through the effective content of a shopping ad.


We make sure your target customer keeps on finding you wherever they go. With our effective remarketing strategies designed by the experienced team, get the users to end up buying your product.

Evaluation Of Efforts

We generate a report of all the changes observed after implementing a single change in the strategy. This way you can also identify your current status in the market. Our experts are best at it.


Look At The Steps That We Follow For ECommerce PPC Management:

Market Analysis

Before starting the designing of any new campaigns for you we believe in doing thorough market research to analyze the current trends of the market and user demands and then we accordingly start planning new strategies according to your products. To decide your target audience and make you reach them easily, this is an essential step to perform.

Competitive Analysis

In order to give tough competition to your competitors and to make you rank highest among all, we conduct a market analysis along with competitive analysis to determine their weak points and our experts design your ads in a way that can make you popular along with leaving your competitors behind.

Keyword Research

To make you visible to your target audience at the right time, we make sure that you are found when any relevant keyword is searched. Therefore, by conducting keyword research and targeting the relevant keywords only we make it cost-effective and help you increase traffic on your website. Our experienced Ecommerce PPC consultant members have been doing this task for years.

Landing Page Planning

When any user clicks on your advertisement, they get redirected to your landing page. Therefore, the landing page must highlight all the prior features of your product and the design must be eye-catchy and attractive enough to make the user return again. Therefore, we help you design your landing page in a way that your customers always find it attractive.

Designing Ad Copy

It is important to design the ad by keeping the landing page design in mind. We believe in creating an attractive ad copy before launching. Also creating different ad copy for different types of products is our priority. We create different ad copy for various kinds of products to generate their own signature.

Monitoring Campaign

Only posting the advertisement is not enough. We keep on monitoring the responses and gathering the new requirements to continuously deliver our best services for making your brand shine through all. We keep records of each minor change and design our next actions accordingly to make them effective.

Regular Reporting

We believe in keeping no secrets between us. Hence, we prepare weekly reports and make you aware of the changes that are the outcome of our effective strategies. Our Ecommerce PPC management experts are best at what they do and hence the report we create will always have every tiny detail mentioned in it to never let you miss an update.


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